Works Performed


Elizabeth Blachly-Dyson

List of Works


Large Ensemble:



Elegy for an Owl for chamber orchestra, 2 ½ min. Premiered by the Pacific Crest Youth Sinfonietta, Stefana Berceanu, conductor, June 14, 2015, Portland, Oregon


Fun and Games for chamber orchestra. 11 min. Premiered by the Pacific Crest Youth Sinfonietta, Stefana Berceanu, conductor, December 2013, Portland, Oregon.

Performed by the Marylhurst Symphony Orchestra, Lajos Balogh, conductor, April 2014, Lake Oswego, Oregon.


Let’s C, a Celebration of the C Major Scale for orchestra. 12 min. Premiered by the Marylhurst Symphony Orchestra, Lajos Balogh, conductor, April 2012. Lake Oswego, Oregon.


Anglo Tango for chamber orchestra, 4 min. Premiered by the Pacific Crest Youth Sinfonietta, Stefana Berceanu, conductor, December 2011, Portland, Oregon.


Hearing Double for viola, bassoon and orchestra. 10 min. Premiered by Griffin Gaffney, viola, Boyd Osgood, bassoon and the Marylhurst Symphony Orchestra, Lajos Balogh, conductor. April 2009. Lake Oswego, Oregon.


Instrumental chamber works:


Nocturne for flute and cello, 4 minutes. Written and performed as part of The Sound Of Late’s 2018 48-hour composition contest. Mike van Liew, flute; Elizabeth Blachly-Dyson, cello. April 28, 2018, Portland, OR.

Five Canons for Two Violas, 6 min. Premiered at Group Muse house concert, Sharon Eng and Shelley Mathewson, violas. January 14, 2018, West Linn, Oregon.


Burning Foliage for viola and piano, 6 min. Premiered at Fear No Music’s Locally Sourced Sounds concert: Joël Belgique, viola and Jeff Payne, piano, January 8, 2018 Portland, Oregon. Second performance January 30, 2018 at the Portland University Club.

Equinox for wind quintet, 7 ½ minutes. Premiered by the Con Grazia Wind Quintet at the March Music Moderne concert “Tombeau de Claude Debussy à Travers la Mer”. Rebecca Olson, flute; Victoria Racz, oboe; Jill Coykendall, clarinet; Wendy Peebles, French horn; and Danielle Goldman, Bassoon. Sunday, March 25, 2018.

Caprice for violin and piano, 3 ½ minutes. Premiered by Michael Yoo, violin and Diane Davies at “In Good Hands” concert June 29, 2017, Portland, Oregon.


Fever Dream for violin, piano and percussion, 8 min. Premiered at Crazy Jane Composers’ concert. Tatiana Kolchanova, violin, Coleen Adent, piano and Joel Bluestone, percussion. Portland, Oregon, November 2016.


Fairy Bells and the Calypso Orchid for piano trio, 6 ½ minutes. Tatiana Kolchanova, violin; Hannah Hillebrand, cello; Susan McDaniel, piano. Premiered at Crazy Jane Prevails concert, Portland Oregon November 2015.


The Lament of the Red Tree Vole for piano trio, 7 min. Chris Fotinakis, violin, Hannah Hillebrand, cello and Lisa Marsh, piano. Premiered at the Crazy Jane Composers concert, Portland Oregon, November 2014.

Emerging from the Mist for string quartet. 8 min. Premiered by Lucia Conrad and Jason Frome, violin, Marissa Winship, viola, and Diane Chaplin, cello at Cascadia Composers fall concert. October 2014. Portland, Oregon.


Left Rite, Left Rite for string trio. 1 min. Commissioned by Free Marz. Premiered by the Free Marz Trio, Ines Voglar, violin, Joël Belgique, viola, Justin Kagan, cello. March 2013. Portland, Oregon.

Aspirations for string quartet. 5 min. Premiered by the DTQ Quartet, Tatiana Kolchanova and Joy Fabos, violin, Angelika Furtwangler, viola and Erin Winemiller, cello, at the Classical Revolution PDX quartet contest, March 2013. Portland, Oregon.

Crotchety Quintet for wind quintet. 7 min. Premiered by The City of Tomorrow wind quintet at Cascadia Composers spring concert, March 2013. Portland, Oregon.


Glimpses for string trio. 7 min. Premiered by Emily Cole, violin, Marissa Winship, viola and Diane Chaplin, cello at the crazy Jane Composers concert. November 2011. Portland, Oregon

Glimpses performed by Tatiana Kolchanova, violin; Julie Asparro, Viola and Collin        Oldham, cello. Feb. 17, 2018. Portland, ORregon.

Knock on Wood for cello and marimba. 6 min. Premiered by Diane Chaplin, cello and Florian Conzetti, marimba, at Seventh Species concert organized by Gary Noland, June 2011. Portland, Oregon.

Five Virtues for flute, cello and piano. 11 min. Premiered by Jim Norman, flute, John Hubbard, cello and Cary Lewis, piano at Cascadia Composers concert. February 2011. Portland, Oregon. 


Prelude for piano trio (4 min.). Premiered by John Paul, violin, John Hubbard, cello and Jeff Winslow, piano at the Cascadia Composers fall concert, October 2010. Portland Oregon.



The following short piano pieces were premiered by Portland area piano students in the “In Good Hands” concert series in Portland, Oregon, sponsored by the Oregon Music Teachers Association and Cascadia Composers (2010-2014) and Portland Piano International (2010-2012).



With One Hand Tied Behind My Back, 1. “Accidentally On Purpose” 1 min. played by Kyle Wern. 2. “Tangled Chords” 1 min. played by Erin Kirkman.

It Takes Two, 1. “Getting Acquainted” 1 min. and 2. “Argument”, 1 min. played by Kaylee Mo. July 2014.


March of the Ants. 1 min. played by Helen Wang. July 2012.


Let’s C: Variations on a C Major Scale. 3 min. played by Jared Lin. July 2011.


Trees: 1. “Acorns”, 1 min. 2. “Aspens”, 1 min. played by Natina Gilbert. July 2010.


Vocal Music:



Howl: Etiquette for Artists and Other Social Misfits. for soprano, saxophone and harp. Lyrics by the composer. 4 ½ minutes. Premiered by Catherine Olson, soprano, Patrick McCulley, alto saxophone and Kate Petak, Harp, at Cascadia Composers concert October 16, 2015 in Mago Hunt Recital Hall, University of Portland, Portland, Oregon.


Together for youth choir (unison). 3 min.   Lyrics by Brent, age 9. Arranged for youth orchestra by Mark Woodward. Premiered by the BRAVO Youth Orchestra and Choir at Portland City Hall May 2014. Portland, Oregon.

Together, arrangement for strings and choir by Mark Woodward. Performed at Governor Kate Brown’s inauguration by BRAVO Youth Orchestra strings and the McMinville High School choir. Jan. 9, 2017. Salem, Oregon.


A Few Regrets: 2. “Unrequited”, 3. “Spring Cleaning” for soprano and flute. 5 min. Lyrics by the composer. Premiered by Martha Bryan, soprano and Gail Gillespie, flute at Crazy Jane Composers concert November 2013. Portland, Oregon.


What Fades for mezzo soprano and cello. 4 min. Poems by Clare Sykes. Premiered by Renée Favand-See, mezzo and Amelia Bierly, cello at Crazy Jane Composers concert November 2012. Portland, Oregon.

So Young for choir (SATB) 3 min. Lyrics by the composer. Premiered by the Marylhurst University Choir April 2012. Lake Oswego, Oregon.


High Fructose Corn for soprano and piano. 9 min. Lyrics by the composer. Premiered by Emily Zahniser and Jeff Payne at a collaborative concert by Cascadia Composers and Fear No Music March 2010. Portland, Oregon.

High Fructose Corn performed by Renée Favand-See, soprano and Signe Lusk, piano, at Seventh Species concert, Gary Noland, organizer, June 2011. Portland, Oregon.

Mother’s Day, 2009 for mezzo-soprano and piano. 3 min. Premiered by Carol Phillips, Mezzo and Lisa Marsh, piano at Crazy Jane concert #1, Nov. 2011, Portland, Oregon.